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Rampart Winds is the dedicated woodwind quintet of The United States Air Force Academy Band. World-class performers and world-class repertoire make Rampart Winds an extremely effective and entertaining example of Air Force excellence. Each member brings a vast wealth of musical knowledge, having performed in numerous orchestras and music festivals in cities across the nation. These locations include Washington D.C., New York, Denver, Las Vegas, Chicago, Seattle, and Aspen, Colorado. By performing original woodwind quintet compositions, ingenious arrangements of classical works, patriotic pieces, and popular music from a diverse variety of ethnic origins, Rampart Winds superbly supports its missions of community relations, educational outreach, and Air Force recruiting. This highly-polished ensemble is a “first call” for diplomatic and military protocol support events throughout the country such as the Summit of Eight Conferences’ “First Ladies’ Dinner” hosted by former President Clinton in Denver, Colorado, and the opening of the D-Day Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana. Rampart Winds’ engaging approach to clinics and workshops makes it a favorite in academic circles. Thousands more university, college, and high school students have benefited from its master classes. Among music professionals, Rampart Winds’ artistry is highly regarded. In recent years, Rampart Winds was featured at the International Double Reed Society Convention and on national broadcasts on National Public Radio and the Public Broadcasting System.


Group Leader/Musical Director
MSgt Sandra Tiemens

MSgt Sandra Tiemens

TSgt Sarah Balian

French Horn
TSgt Kenneth Soper

TSgt Ani Berberian

TSgt Sarah Stewart

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